Amnesia Crowd: Kent Love Route



だからどうかーー 私と結婚してくれないか? so that’s why.. will you marry me?

Although I was hoping for some steamy moments for Kent, I have to say his love route is adorable and funny. I won’t be summarizing this like what I did with Ikki because it’s super time consuming. Instead, I will be posting the scenes that I really like. Kent’s route starts with the ending from his main Amnesia route where he proposes to the MC [main character]. They are basically getting ready for their trip to London, and Kent wants to talk to the MC’s parents especially since they are already engaged. He’s preparing for their approval by cooking for them and trying to be a friendly agreeable man.

The MC tells Kent that smiling is important so before meeting her parents, he decided to practice when he visited her in the cafe. I have to say, Kent is a real man for this even though he knows that he is awkward and not good at being friendly, he tries his best lol.


Basically Kent trying to smile.



ああ、君か。どうだ、私は笑えていろか? aa, it’s you. how is it, how’s my smile?

It was so funny how everyone reacted and felt weird when Sawa and Mine saw Kent, but the MC told them that Kent was trying to smile. Everyone was startled because he had a scary face. lol. When Kent goes to the MC’s parents, he shows them a contract of proof to not to lay hands on the MC until they are married. Because Kent is planning to live with her in London. He even cooked a full-course dinner for her parents afterwards. Her father agreed with Kent. Kent got it easy unlike Ikki. (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。



これくらいで。。。。いいか?this much is ok?

Basically, since he proposed that he would not touch her until they are married, whenever the MC tries to be close to Kent; he’s all struggling and blushing to control himself. LET’S GIVE KENT AN APPLAUSE FOR THAT. He’s so adorable. At this time, Kent was planning to sleep on the floor but the MC insisted that Kent would sleep with her in bed.

From what I have understood, especially since Kent talks so fast and quite formal, the MC plans to stay for a short while in London and she has to come back to Japan because she wants to be a teacher. They have to be apart from each other for a while because Kent has to stay in London.



……つ、私の言いたいことが 分からないほど、キブミももう子供ぢゃないだろう I want to say but the more I don’t understand, Kibumi also you’re not a child anymore

Kent and the MC started drinking together as a congratulatory party because the MC was able to become a teacher and come back to Kent. The MC then became super drunk. She was all touchy and clingy towards Kent. Kent was trying his best to detain himself from not touching her because of his promise to her father. ♡(。→ˇ艸←) It’s so funny and cute when Kent is all agonizing with her straightforwardness. The MC started to remove her clothing because she was feeling hot, and Kent was basically struggling what to do. The MC then passes out. LUCKY FOR YOU KENT.(人´∀`*)


In the end, they got married and Kent of course said a lot of merry and lovey dovey things to the MC for their future and beginnings. Overall, I enjoyed his route. I think in a way, Kent has always been the dignified man and always respects the MC. He looks gorgeous on his wedding CG too which is really nice. I like his wedding CG more than Ikki’s and the others. SORRY IKKI.

Now onto his Suspense Route~~~

Super short blog haha. I don’t think I will be blogging about Toma, Shin, and Ukyou’s. Maybe I’ll just blog and comment about it.


Amnesia Crowd ~Ikki~ Suspense Route


I finally got around to finish Ikki’s Suspense route for Amnesia Crowd アムエシアクラウド.  Amnesia Crowd is the sequel of the game Amnesia Later for the Amnesia series. Suspense route are like side stories based from the first game. Which means, the heroine and the dudes are not 100% together yet – unlike in Amnesia Later or their After Story. This is the first time I will be talking about the game on my blog; and from all the Amnesia men, Ikki イッキ or イッキュ is my favourite!  (。◕ ∀ ◕。)


**Note: This is kind of summary so please be aware of the spoilers below. 

I also named my heroine Mimi.!

It starts of with adorable Orion telling you that you are not alone because Mimi have her most important person with you. As I pick Ikki, Mimi’s eyes open with the sound of phone ringing while Orion happily says good morning to her. And then of course, it’s Ikki on the other side of the phone saying good morning, sorry, did I woke you up? He asks Mimi if you have any plans for the day because he has something to ask from Mimi. He asks Mimi to go to his University and her going there would be a great help. Once she and Orion arrives, we meet up with Kent also. He has some math problems he needs to be solve for his experiment.

Time passes and Mimi and Orion will be meeting up with Ikki but then they got lost. Once they found their way, they found Ikki and a computer voice welcomes them to a trial. (It very much sounds like Kent at the start so no mystery there. But Ikki acts as if he doesn’t no him. It’s really funny how they exaggerate their acting.) (・∀・)  They have to solve math puzzles and at first Ikki thought that they will solve it together, but unfortunately, they have to solve it on different rooms. They have to solve it so that the door that separates them gets unlocked. She tells Ikki that she is nervous with the puzzle and Ikki was really happy to know that she is excited.


もし何かあれば、すぐに僕を呼んでよね If anything, just call me.

moshi nani ka areba, sugu ni boku wo yonde yo ne

And then Ikki leaves the room and tells her that politely. She saws her face and asks what’s wrong and tells her if she will be lonely. But tells her that it’s just for now and if there’s something to happen, he will come to her. ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) As he leaves, the door gets locked. And then Kent’s voice tells them that they will now start the game, and they must find the puzzle somewhere in the room. (Kent is the clover guy, and he is a close friend to Ikki.) They pick one of the computers which is the most suspicious and then the screen opens. They each finish their puzzles, afterwards Orion and Mimi tries to open the door but it was still locked. But then the sound of the lock opens and the countdown also stopped. Ikki enters the room and tells her sorry for being slow. He asks Mimi about her puzzle on her end, and she tells him that she had fun. Kent then congratulates them on finishing their puzzle. Kent tells them that there is still more to solve and they have to solve it together in that room. Ikki tells him then that’s fine and tells her that now she won’t be alone.


Once they finished the puzzle, Ikki notices that she lost her hat, and Orion and her went back to look for it. But then the door is locked again and they couldn’t come out. Orion gets worried and wonders if this is one of Ikki and Kent’s jokes. But then he thinks that wasn’t the case. And then they hear the sound of the fire alarm. Outside, Ikki and Kent hears it too, worriedly, Ikki and Kent comes back inside to look for her.

Inside, Ikki then tries to open the door. Ikki, with his voice out loud, asks if she is there and if she can here Ikki’s voice. Ikki bangs the door and asks for her again (And he’s literally alarmed and worried.) He tells her to please answer him. (I really like how pained he seemed and worried. I was actually getting scared of what might happen.) Kent arrives and tells him that he will try to open the door from his end. Ikki tells him to hurry because he wants to save Mimi right away. Kent then runs. (I admire how calm Kent is and focused on finding a way to open the door while Ikki was just banging at it. lol.) Ikki then again bangs and asks for her and to please answer him. He then struggles about the situation, and tells that whoever did this, he won’t forgive him. And tells to himself that if anything happens to her, he won’t forgive himself. (⁎⁍̴̀﹃ ⁍̴́⁎)♡

At Mimi’s end, Orion smells something and if it’s just their imagination. But black smoke started to crowd inside them and Orion says nope, it’s not their imagination. Orion then tries to open the door again but he couldn’t understand why it’s locked. Then Orion bangs the door and ask for someone to open it. And then he started coughing. (This broke my heart.) Orion tells her that she has a handkerchief with her and she should use it. And then he tells her that for sure Ikki will come for them. (SAVE US IKKI (∩˃o˂∩)♡) Orion tells her that for sure Ikki will save them so Mimi should hang in there. But then she starts to faint and blacks out.

On Ikki’s end, he then tells to hurry and open at the door. Orion tells her to stand up and don’t close her eyes. Orion screams for her to wake up. And then Ikki’s voice started to come to light calling for her. And the sound of the door opens and Orion screams Ikki’s name. Ikki runs to her side. He grabs her and her hand while he is also coughing from the smoke. Ikki asks her if she’s alright and if she can stand up. He tells her that if she can’t stand then it’s ok because he won’t let her go. He tells her to believe in him and that he is already by her side. He tells her that he will will save her because she is the most important for him. And then Ikki carries her and jokingly tells her that she is light and if she eats well. And from now on they will eat a lot so she should hang in there. And then they run out.


僕を信じて、僕だけを見て (Believe in me, look only to me) (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

boku wo shinjite, boku dake wo mite

However, one of the doors is still locked. Ikki asks Kent what is going on. Ikki tells Kent to open the door but Kent’s voice is kind of broken and tells them that he can’t. And then there was a bzzzzz in Kent’s speaker. Ikki started coughing. And then they found an instruction (lul, I was sort of skipping this part.) Anyway, Ikki was able to find the code  but it still won’t open. Apparently only one of them can survive, and then Ikki says that it is their last. Orion asks her what would Ikki do and what would Mimi do. Mimi told Ikki that she would be the one to stay. Ikki asks her what she is saying. Ikki coughs and tells her that she should be joking. But then he says that she is serious. Ikki tells her why when she doesn’t even love him. ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯ Ikki tells her that what she is saying is stupid. And then he huskily tells her to listen… and then says “僕は君が好きだよ” (“I love you”). “And if there is someone else you love, I still love you.” He tells her that’s why he won’t let her do that. He presses the button and pushes her and says “バイバイ。本気でミミのことが好きだっちょ” “bai bai. About loving you, I’m serious.” And then the door shuts and Ikki says this is for the better. He says to please save herself. And then Ikki started coughing. (AAAAHHH IKKI DON’T DIE)  ୧( ˵ ° ~ ° ˵ )୨

Orion tells Mimi that he understands Ikki’s decision of saving her. While looking for a way to save Ikki in their end, Orion finds a button. The button they find says that if her feelings for her partner is real, then the door will open. (There’s something so fishy about this situation that they are in.) Orion tells her that yes, her feelings are real and that she should press the button to save Ikki. And then it opens and they find Ikki coughing and is still alive.! Ikki asks her what is she still doing there. (ummmmm… saving your butt?!?!?) Ikki worriedly tells her that he already thought that he will never see her again, and stops and said they should go. Ikki tells her that he will support her as they go.

As they run outside, Kent was already there and calls on Ikki. Ikki pants and asks if she’s ok. The ambulance then came. (gawd, you guys are late.) They tell her to lie down for a while, and Ikki was still panting. Kent then asks if Ikki’s alright. Ikki told Kent that he is ok, but then worriedly tells Kent how is her girlfriend. LOL (At this point, Ikki calls you kanojo 彼女) Kent tells Ikki not to worry because they are already assisting her. Ikki asks Kent to lend his shoulder and the ambulance people tell him not to move. Kent tells him not to worry because she is fine and is already being taken cared of. Ikki tells Kent that he has something to tell her. (*/∇\*) Kent helps Ikki to make Ikki and Mimi alone together. Ikki then asks her if she’s ok. She asks Ikki as well. Then Ikki tells her why is she worried about him. Ikki tells her why when they were inside would she save him. Was it painful? Where you scared? Ikki asks her. Ikki tells her about their situation inside and how she managed to save him.

On another scene, when I played the communication part, this part showed up so I’m going to include this since it’s appropriate. When Ikki and Mimi are alone, Ikki asks her to look at him. He follows up if he is really ok, or if she is hurt. He checks on her and felt relieved that she is really ok. He tells her about what he was thinking at that time when he was trying to save her. He asks her if she is mad, but tells her that he is mad. For why didn’t she run away. Why didn’t she saved herself and it was stupid. It was really stupid. He angrily says what if both of them didn’t survive, then what would  she do. He tells her that it was stupid that she did that and try to save him in that situation where both of them could die. But he says, he likes the stupid her then he is the one who is stupid. (ok, I did not know how to word this right. I hope I did ok.)  ♡(。→ˇ艸←)


ミミが好きだ。。。I love you Mimi…

Mimi ga suki da.

And then Ikki’s song First Love plays at the background and Ikki tells her that he loves her. ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪ He tells her that whatever happens, she is the most important person to him. Ikki and Mimi then shares a kiss and Ikki tells her that her lips are warm. Which means that she is surely alive. He then says that he’s so glad. And then Kent awkwardly interrupts them that they are not the only person around. (LOL KENT) Ikki then tells Kent not to interrupt them (He sounded like a kid while telling this to KENT LOL) Kent then says that they need to be checked up and they have to go to the hospital. Orion worriedly tells Mimi that that shouldn’t happen and they can’t afford to go to the hospital. Orion tells her that if she goes to the hospital, then her amnesia would be found out. Ikki then asks her what’s wrong because of her worried face. Ikki asks her if she is in pain, and if there is something that hurts in her body. Ikki then tells her to tell him about it.. but then he says that.. Orion reacts “ギ、ギク” “gi, giku” Ikki then asks her if she’s scared of the hospital or getting shots. Then he says, if  that’s the case, why don’t the two of them go to his room instead. (LOLOLOL SASUGA PLAYBOY) He then happily tells her that he could check her body. And then Orion screams what Ikki is thinking and that he will never let Ikki do that. Kent then interrupts about Ikki’s suggestion. And Orion agrees and tells that yeah, Kent should tell that to him. (LOL ORION) .゚:;。+。ε(ノ∀≦*)з。+.。゚:

Orion then tells her that it’s really great that the two of them are alive (Her and Ikki). Ikki then tells her that he will send her home. And then Ikki tells her that he is sorry for what happen when the plan was just for a game, but then something like that had happen. And then Kent calls Ikki and asks about the two of them. Orion tells her that Kent is a good person for worrying for the two of them. Ikki tells Kent from the phone that the two of them are fine. Ikki tells him that it wasn’t his fault and he shouldn’t think that way. Ikki tells her that Kent really felt sorry for what had happen, and that he blamed himself.

At the end, Ikki tells her that whatever happens in the future, he will protect her.

Oh I really love his route. I’M PROBABLY BEING BIASED HERE. I played Toma the same time since the suspense route is quite short. Toma’s route was ok, but I still like Ikki’s~ It’s more fun and the action was more intense in my opinion. I plan to play Kent next or if I didn’t end up marathoning all Ikki’s route. haha.

Norn 9 : Itsuki Kagami

Special Post for Itsuki! This is the first time I’m going to blog a game route from an otome game. Please bare with me. I don’t normally do this since it takes a lot of time and patience.(۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ I’ll start with a decent summary of the whole game: (Since this is yet another feelings gushing post – please be aware of spoilers below.)


Norn9 starts of with a boy named Sorata who came from the present time Japan (Heisei Era 1989 – ). Upon hearing a song, he then travels to time and arrive in a place that looks like Meiji Era. Then he meets a girl named Koharu who was also waiting for a ship. Sorata came with Koharu in a ship that doesn’t look like it’s made from the time’s era. Sorata meets 3 girls namely Koharu, Nanami, and Mikoto with A LOT of men on board bearing special powers. As Sorata goes along the ship, they found out that there is someone attacking the ship (*cough Natsuhiko*)

For the game play, you choose either of the 3 girls, and then choose the guys in their group. For cute Koharu: Kakeru *this guy is adorable btw*, Senri *I haven’t played him since I can’t hear his voice at all*, Masamune. For Nanami: Akito *THIS GUY IS A MUST PLAY fyi*,  Heishi, Ron. For Mikoto: Natsuhiko,  Sakuya, and Itsuki (´艸`♡) I like all the guys in Mikoto’s group. (*°∀°)=3 In the start of the game, the characters Masamune, Ron, and Natsuhiko are locked. So far in my case, Natsuhiko is the only one that I’ve unlocked. I haven’t checked if I’ve unlocked Masamune though. ehe. (After I’ve unlocked Natsuhiko, I’m always just checking for Ron.) Continue reading

Norn9: Sakuya, Akito, Natsuhiko thoughts

pic_0030It’s been a while since my last post! Sorry for the constant disappearance. I recently got some time to continue playing Norn9. I finished Sakuya’s route last year, but I never did post anything about it. haha.  So far, from all the characters I’ve played (mainly Kakeru, Sakuya, Akito, and Natsuhiko), I’ve enjoyed Sakuya and Akito’s route. I’m hugely bias with Sakuya though, for this one, cliche storyline works for me.

*May have some spoiler below.  Continue reading

Norn9 : Sakuya Nijou Route

Last night, I went back and played Norn9 again. I played Kakeru Yuiga’s route last year, and figured I should get back and finish this game. ლ(▒╹〰╹▒)ლ I honestly just want to unlock the guys, I’m curious why their route is “special” (eg. Ron and Natsuhiko (◔ิω◔ิ))


*Spoiler Warning


You look like a girl Sakuya with all those コンペトー.

I like the sci-fi mood of the game. I also like how there are 3 female protagonist with 3 guys each. In summary, the story starts with an elementary school boy named Sorata. He’s a smart kid with high IQ. He goes to field trip in school but finds himself back in time after hearing a voice. He travels back to Taishou Period, where he meets one of the female protagonist, Koharu. (Koharu is really cute, and I love her compatibility with Kakeru, and whenever Kakeru teases her. Sometimes Kakeru would feel bad for teasing Koharu too much because Koharu is like a cute push over fluffy bunny (๑́•∀•๑̀)ฅ) Then Sorata and Koharu finds a huge ship Norn9, and tags along with the people in the ship (circle ship). Continue reading

Konno Tamao – Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side ~3rd Story~

Never go on a date in Heated Pool. He hates it, but curiosity still pokes me to do it. _(:ェ 」∠)_ By the end of the day, he gives you a call saying sorry for being a bit of a bitch about it (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵ )


”いいな、その水着。君によく似合ってる。Ii na, sono mizugi. kimi ni yoku niatteru.

“Nice, that swimsuit. It suits you nicely.” (੭‾᷄꒫‾᷅)੭


”うん、いいんじゃないかな。よく似合うよ。un, iinjyanai kana. yoku niau yo.”

“yeah, isn’t it fine. It looks great on you.” (*゚ー゚)(*。_。)ウン♪

It’s easy to tell from Tamao’s expression if he’s teasing you or complimenting you. Unlike Ruka. I had a hard time with Ruka in shopping mode.


“話し足りない? 。。。僕もだ。hanashi tarinai? boku mo da.”

“talking is not enough? … me too.”

lol. He has the most boring set of clothes ever in all the guys. Even Karen teased him for having nerd-ish clothes when he is not wearing his uniform clothes. His sweaters are the bomb tho. _(゜∀゜ 」 ∠)_


”ダメだって、弱いんだから。dame datte, yowain dakara.”

“Stop it, because I’m weak.”

YEA YOU ARE. (:D)| ̄|_ =3